New Game Engine for FMX

I got a link to a new game engine for Firemonkey, itĀ usesĀ TImage to render the processed frames and scenes. Since Firemonkey suppose to take care of the low level stuff across platforms this aproach could abstract some of that to concentrate on the game action instead.

Get the code:

Watch the Demos:


Cocos2Dx meets Delphi

Cocos2Dx is a popular free cross platform game engine written in C++, searching the web I found a port of Cocos2dx 2.2 to Delphi. If it can be ported to Firemonkey it would be fantastic. It seems like this port works in Delphi for win32. I did test it in Delphi XE6, the 2 Demos worked as expected, at 60 fps.

Here is a screenshot of the HelloDelphi.Pas demo:

Repository for the Delphi XE5 source code is here: